About us

About us

An Introduction To Our Company

In 1990 we founded the UNINVEST d.o.o., in order to satisfy the needs of various enterprises and institutions asking for quick response dictated by the urgent need for rapid intervention.

The ours is a Company operating in the investment and maintenance sphere of activity, concerning:

- banks' buildings,
- hospitals and health centres with infrastructure,
- workshops,
- hotels and catering trade,
- shipyards,
- marines,
- supermarkets,
- shops,
- factories, etc.

As a result of a rich experience gathered through work on such systems, we are able to give any enquiry a quick response and to organize various investment and maintenance works, even the most demanding ones, as well as a rapid supply of all the necessary equipment, thus offering our business partners an important additional source of economy.

Our Company is also registered for import - export trade this being a guarantee for a prompt and udelayed supply of the needed spare parts.

If an order is passed which we are not able to fulfill, we will indicate the client the right address.

In case a business cooperation is established, we are ready to offer our partner a free consulting.

All the works and services we are offering are covered by a bank guarantee up to the amount of € 500.000 and more for special projects.

Mr. Srečko Grlj