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GS PAR automatic control board, subject of this data-sheet, is designed to manage two or more emergency generating sets in a completely automatic way. The automatism can ensure the gen. sets' starting, the parallel and power delivery in a short time at mains voltage failure

At mains failure moment, the control unit sends starting commands to all the machines pre-set for starting, the first one that reaches the steady running becomes pilot and allows the synchronism and the subsequent parallel of all the others, once all the gen. sets' parallel has been reached the change-over is operated by the control unit (that can be included or excluded from the supply). It is possible to select a plant set-up that sends the MAINS>GEN. SET change-over signal when there is just one gen. set at steady running (to feed priority load that cannot wait for the complete synchronisation), or when there are n gen. sets in parallel or even all the plant has reached the parallel. It is possible either to keep all the gen. sets in parallel aside from the current load (recommended for load variable according to frequency), or to conform the number of gen. sets running according to the load required (regular load without current rushes). Obviously, in the latter case, when n gen. sets stop for overload, they are immediately started again when the load exceeds the programmable load demanding thresholds. It is also possible to replace a loaded running gen. set with another one in stand-by state without varying the power delivery. In any case generators connected to the load divide it among themselves in a balanced way and according to the output of each gen. set, until the voltage returns to the parameters set on the mains undervoltage relay, at this time a programmable mains return delay starts. Whet it is finished, an opposite change-over command will be given (gen. set>mains). Now the gen. sets still in parallel will wait the programmable cooling time, before disconnecting from BUS. While running, the gen. sets are protected by suitable protections, some of them are on even when the engine is stopped. According to the request, the gen. set can be included in a central system of N gen. sets in parallel or in mains parallel or even together with N gen. sets in parallel with one or more private networks, having however the same control system.

The operator depending on the kind of plant and the work requirements can directly perform those and other functions.

Consisting of a cabinet made by bent steel, thickness 20/10mm (frame) and 15/10mm (panelling and doors), electrophoresis painting cycle, rubber seals, colour tone RAL 7035. Outside IP 44, inside IP 20. The structure includes detachable side panels to help the cable connection and lifting eyebolts necessary for the carriage and the positioning.


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